What Are The Benefits of Active Release Therapy?

Active Release Technique, or ART, is a treatment focusing on soft tissue injuries, with the goal being to restore optimal movement, function and texture. Therapists work to remove adhesions in the soft tissue, which form through acute injury, repetitive motion or constant pressure and tension. If these types of issues go untreated, they may lead to inflammation, weak and tense muscles, decreased circulation, and more.

How Does ART Work?

The benefits of ART are numerous because the therapists locate the root of the problem first, while looking at the body holistically. ART is a non-invasive, pain-free and safe treatment, with little to no side effects. ART treatments take up to 20 minutes each and the patient requires around 12-15 visits to see optimal results.

What Do Therapists Do?

During an ART treatment, the therapists will identify the problem and work to break up restrictive adhesions by applying specific amounts of pressure to the area based on the scar tissue they can feel. The benefits of ART can be regaining normal flexibility, balance, movement and stability to the injured area.