ART Knee 300CPS Novi’s treatment philosophy is designed to fix the cause of each individual’s problem not just to treat the symptoms.  Dr. Karl is a certified ART®, SFMA and Laser Chiropractic physician and will use a combination of treatment methods depending what is right for that individual.  Treatment plans vary in length and frequency, but will be discussed and re-evaluated frequently.

Dr. Karl believes that while treating patients according to their symptoms may bring relief, it is only a portion of quality patient care. He strives to identify and treat the underlying cause of the symptom in order to help his patients achieve long-term pain relief and improvement in their overall quality of life. His treatment plans are unique to each individual and vary according to the patient’s past medical history, current presentation of symptoms, biomechanical stability and function, and personal goals. He is more than willing to work hand-in-hand with other health care practitioners to ensure their patients are receiving the best care possible.  Our modern office was designed to give each patient a comfortable atmosphere for healing.