Below are exercises targeting major body parts that should release and prevent tension build up. If you have any serious discomfort or questions regarding this home care program, please call Dr. Karl for a free phone consultation at 248-477-2100.

Basic Spinal Mobility

Angling Stretch                            Rolling Pattern Video                         Foundation Squat

Angel stretch      upper-body-rolling-pattern-flexion2       foundation

Angling Stretch is important to realign posture by slowly rolling the shoulders back while keeping the back straight against the wall. Hold in this position for 30 seconds and then return to a relaxed position, repeat 3 times.

Rolling pattern should be started on your back. For example, roll over on your stomach by only leading or using your right arm. Once on your stomach, lead with the same arm to return on your back, Go through each limb twice. For video instruction, click “Rolling Pattern”.

Foundation Squat gives the thoracic spine an extension and release to maintain healthy posture. Hold in this position for 15 seconds and repeat 3 times.

Pelvic Tilt Step #1                                   Pelvic Tilt Step #2                     Four Point Kneeling Video

021                    022                    023

Cat-Camel Stretch Step #1                 Cat-Camel Stretch Step #2                Neck Flexor Stretch

018                    019                    020

Pelvic Tilt is important for stability in the lower lumbar spine. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat 4 times.

4 point kneeling is important for core, neck, and back stability as it deals with balance and coordination. While on all fours, reach your right hand out in front of you while also extending the opposite side leg and hold in position for 3-5 sec, then return back to all fours. Repeat this process 5 times then switch to the opposite arm and leg. Do 3-4 cycles of this exercise but for further video instruction, click “Four Point Kneeling”.

Cat-Camel stretch creates flexion and extension of the spine which releases fluid and tension in the discs of your vertebrae. Move back and forth 10-15 times.

Neck Flexor helps stretch the platysma muscle that surrounds your neck. Hold in stretch position for 8-10 sec and repeat process 3 times.

Ball Proprioception Step #1             Ball Proprioception Step #2          Ball Proprioception Step #3

024                            025                                 026

Nerve Flossing Video                               Stress Ball                                        Triceps Towel Stretch Video

nerve flossing                    stress_ball                                    tricep towel

Ball proprioception develops strength and coordination in the fingers. Rotate two balls clockwise with your fingers for 60 seconds one hand at a time and repeat cycle 3 times.

Nerve Flossing helps release buildup in the nerves surrounding soft tissue of the arm. Extend the arm and pull fingers back to get a full stretch and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat 5 times. Click “Nerve Flossing” for further video instruction.

Stress ball is a simple way to gain strength in fingers, wrist and forearm. Squeeze the ball 15-30 times depending on tolerance level for each hand and repeat 2-3 times.

Tricep Towel Stretch works triceps back of shoulder and creates strength in the hand during pulling motion. Slowly pull the bottom hand up your back using the top hand 5 times, then pull the top hand down your back using the bottom hand. Click “Triceps Towel Stretch” for further video instruction.

Rib Grab T-Spine Rotation  Video           Cobra Extension                          Double Tennis Ball Extension

rib                    cobra-pose-stretch                             tennis

T-Spine Mobility Foam Roller                                    Foundation Squat

tennisball                                        foundation

Rib Grab T-Spine Rotation releases tension in the thoracic spine while helping range of motion. When in position, pull opposite shoulder back and hold for 10 seconds. Do both sides of the body and repeat 3 times. Click “Rib Grab T-Spine Rotation” for further video instruction.

Cobra Extension allows the joints to extend and allow proper movement for stiff and discomfort in the back. Hold for 5 seconds, repeat 5 times.

Double Tennis Ball and T-Spine Mobility targets pressure points and tension which helps eliminate pain. Do these two exercises for a minute at a time, rest for a minute, and repeat.

Foundation squat gives the thoracic spine the extension and release to maintain healthy posture. Hold in this position for 15 seconds and repeat cycle 3 times.

Triceps Towel Stretch                 Scapula Activation                           Chop Shoulder Exercise Video

tricep towel                   scap point                      wood-chop

Triceps Towel Stretch works the triceps, back of shoulder, and creates strength in the hands during the pulling motion. Slowly pull the bottom hand up your back using the top hand 5 times, then pull the top hand down your back using the bottom hand. After three pulls for each hand, rotate the top and bottom hands.

Scapula Activation allows a stretch in the shoulder and awareness of where the scapula is in the body. Poke the scapula or general area 5 times and then switch arms. Repeat cycle 2 times.

Chop Shoulder Exercise helps the range of motion in the shoulder while maintaining balance from the core and legs. Repeat this step 10 times for each arm. This exercise can also be done on the knees and without a weighted medicine ball. Click “Chop Shoulder Exercise” for further video instruction.

Toe Scrunch Step #1 Video                  Toe Scrunch Step #2                     Toe Scrunch Step #3

027                028                 029

Foam Roller for Gastrocnemius       Foam Roller for Peroneals               Arch Raises

030                031                        arch_lifts143

Toe scrunch helps strengthen muscles of the foot and should be repeated 8 times for each foot. Click “Toe Scrunch Step #1” for further video instruction.

Gastrocnemius tension occurs commonly in runners or walkers. The foam roller helps release tension of the achilles tendon. This exercise can be painful at first but you should perform this for at least a minute with rest in between 3 sets.

Peroneals releases tension from the outside lower leg which helps people maintain daily activities. Perform this exercise for at least a minute with rest in between 3 sets.

Arch raises will strengthen the bottom of the foot and prevent further injury. Perform this exercise  10-15 times with each foot and repeat 2 cycles.

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