Treatment for Scar Tissue Northville Michigan

Scar tissue is dense, fibrous tissue that binds healthy tissue from moving effectively. Scar tissue buildup results in weaker and shorter muscles. This tissue forms because a muscle, tendon or ligament is torn and the scar tissue is created to glue it back together. Scar tissue can also form because soft tissue is not receiving enough oxygen. Fortunately, at CPS in Northville Michigan, scar tissue can be treated with Laser Therapy.

Laser Therapy Benefits in Northville Michigan

In Northville Michigan, Laser Therapy is a treatment for scar tissue. Laser energy increases circulation creating an ideal healing environment for the scar tissue. This type of therapy produces cellular energy which increases cellular function and health. Laser therapy is an optimal treatment for scar tissue as it is proven to repair tissues and accelerate the health process by decreasing inflammation, pain and further scar tissue formation.

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