What are Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel is the compression of the major nerve in the hands and fingers where it passes over the carpal bones at the front of the wrist. Carpal tunnel can be caused by excessive repetition and strain.


Carpal tunnel symptoms can include tingling, numbness and burning in the hands and fingers. It can also cause hand weakness. Hand weakness may result in difficulty grasping and easily dropping objects, as the pinching muscles are controlled by the median nerve, which is being compressed.

ART Treatment in Carpal Tunnel

ART, or Active Release Technique, can also be used to relieve carpal tunnel symptoms. During the treatment, therapists will break up restrictive adhesions to reinstate normal tissue flexibility and movement. The therapist will apply pressure to the area and feel for scar tissue. If the therapist determines scar tissue is present, they can then apply further pressure to specifically treat the area and minimize pain.