Sciatica is associated with debilitating leg pain. The pain results from compression or irritation of the Sciatica nerve, the single largest nerve that runs down the spine and leg. If this nerve can freely glide around the muscles, it can function normally, but if the muscles surrounding the nerve are tensed up, it can compress the nerve, causing sciatica.

What Are Symptoms of Sciatica?

Sciatica symptoms may include throbbing, pins and needles and numbness. It’s difficult to be comfortable when experiencing Sciatica, and the pain often interferes with walking, sleeping, standing and other daily activities. Sciatica can be caused by excessive standing or sitting, sports injuries, lack of stretching and strain on the nerve.

How can Active Release Technique help?

Active Release Technique, or ART, is an active massage treatment where the therapist locates the scar tissue and works to break up the adhesions caused by Sciatica in order to reinstate normal tissue movement and flexibility. The therapist applies pressure to the muscles and lengthens the tissue around the Sciatica nerve to assess tension and understand the extent of the problem and treat it effectively. The therapist may also work on injuries around the Sciatica that might contribute to the pain. ART usually takes 4-6 treatments to fix the injury.